Off-the-shelf digital banking solutions

Create enhanced insights in risk and return. Optimize portfolio and risk management. All in one comprehensive overview. Solutions that will enable the alternative investment industry to benefit from more transparency. 

The market for alternative investments

made transparent

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The market for alternative investments is characterized by a lack of a developed marketplace: often private, few visible trades, few trading platforms.

INRISC means to provide the alternative investments market with risk and price discovery tools.  INRISC develops specific tools for the measurement and

monitoring of credit risk and pricing of financial instruments. All models run on financial data exclusively. This enables highly automated data processing.

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Investors and issuers alike will benefit from more transparency on risk and pricing:

better pricing, better risk management, better portfolio balancing

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Our automated discovery tools will give

quick and clear results

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Our risk profiling principals are based on those of the banking sector


credit risk profile  Borrower profile    +       Loan profile      +      Collateral       =    Risk profile

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The risk profile is then mapped to observable prices to obtain a risk-weighted loan pricing

    credit risk PricingRisk profile                +          Market rates             =             Loan pricing

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Look here for more details on our methodology

INRISC is created based on our strong belief

in the digitization of the traditional banking model


We rely on a long and standing experience in the banking and fintech industry. With particular experience in valuations, credit risk and risk management.

We intend to bring this experience to good use and help improve the performance of the financials markets and ultimately decrease systemic risks.

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"Symbid and Catena Partner Up to Offer Independent Risk Scoring with Loan Crowdfunding"

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INRISC Herengracht 527 1017 BV Amsterdam +31 20 787 08 08

 INRISC is an initiative of Catena Investments, a serial entrepreneur and venture capital management firm.

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