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Credit risk assessment outsourcing services

Support decision-making with independent risk analysis

  • Analysis of borrower’s business
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Loan repayment projections
  • Collateral analysis
  • Loan structure adequacy
  • Debt servicing capacity

Outsourcing of credit risk function

Our outsourcing services provide our clients access to independent credit risk analyses. INRiSC in fact will act as an credit assessment department anterior to your own business activities. In a standardized process INRiSC assesses the credit risk profile of individual borrowers and counterparties in relation to the current and desired capital structure.

The risk assessment provides a general overview of the main risk drivers behind the individual company and its business. The reports provide an objective descriptive assessment of the various risk drivers in support of the client’s own business decisions. The assessment does not entail an investment advice.