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Enhanced risk transparency using Standard Business Reporting

Alternative investments are often exposed to specific risk. With INRiSC’s credit risk analytics you can capture these risks.

Discriminatory power
In ordinary credit risk profiling processes for private companies the company information that is used is based on a high level aggregation. Especially in the small and mid sized space of the economy this decreases the discriminatory power between any two companies or projects. INRiSC uses very low aggregate and detailed company information based on XML to increase the discriminatory power. Moreover, standardized data feed ascertains sound data processing without laborious spreading activities.

Due to highly standardized data INRiSC enhances the comparability between different loan investments. Our data input corresponds with the international standards for business reporting. Using XBRL taxonomies each loan investment across the economy is analyzed in exactly the same way. In such a manner we can provide further insight in risk profiles across industries and between investments.

As a result of the increased discriminatory power and higher comparability our services are able to produce superior insights at low cost. With the offering of foresight we mean to give a deeper understanding of the inherent risks observed. Our services are developed based on years of experience in the banking sector