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Business model

A different approach to independent risk analysis

When ratings agencies are engaged by an issuer of securities to assign a credit rating or engage in other analytical activities, they are compensated. Such compensation is typically paid by the issuers of the securities.

INRiSC has adopted a business model where the usage of our risk scoring function is charged to those that use it for their own benefit as an end-user. INRiSC therefore has no conflicting interests with respect to the issuers that are being analyzed and its remuneration as an independent party in the securities issuance.

The use of XBRL reporting conventions ensures in-depth scoring and allows an easy to use application at very low costs.

INRiSC interacts with issuers, platforms and individual subscribers as potential end-users in the exchange of information for fees.

Even if issuers use the INRiSC scoring function independence is safeguarded as the data utilized in the scoring function is based on raw and standardized financial data.